This is the official un-copy locked version of my very first weapon system. There is no paid version of these weapons, if you purchased these weapons from anyone but the source (me), then that's entirely on you. 

This place isn't meant to be used as a learning source, rather as a temporary system for anyone in needs of a quick gun system to get their group or whatever off the ground, as unique weapon systems arent exactly a dime a dozen for anyone in the SW genre.

Fair warning: the organization in this place is a terrible rendition of how I would program anything today, a lot of the methods used here are very redundant and unnecessary. This is why I emphasize it being a temporary/replaceable system.
Furthermore don't expect the animations in the live game to always load properly, they're currently uploaded to the original group I made these for and are subject to being deleted/lost ownership at any given moment. That's why I provided dummies in the workspace.

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