An amazing clan by the Forum mod Holymac. Join today! The requirement is 2,000 KO's. Please, message SCS if you join. Tell him you were invited by me, Coolguy55333. Thanks! Link below.

Top poster of ROBLOX. Anime freak as well. Do NOT, and I mean do NOT mess with me or my mind whatsoever.

Hi, as you may know, I am coolguy55333. I was the original creator of the game "Can you survive a house sinking in ice water?". I hope for it to reach game 1 again, to satisfy my wants, and to satisfy your mind. My referral code is 18-832-71, use it when you get BC/TBC/OBC!

I accept all friend requests and read all messages. Though, I do not reply to all messages. I have accounts on a lot of other websites like RS, twitter, and TPN, VC, all of them with the name Coolguy55333.

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