⚔️💥THE KINGDOM OF JUJUTSU ###### name changed⚔️💥 ⚔️💥You Must Leave Game when you buy skills for save him to your inventory⚔️💥 ✨New code at 1100 likes! ✨See twitter for codes!!! 👊Latest Update [UPDATE6]: - 💸SALE! - 🌟JJk - ⚔️NEW SHOP! - 💥3 SWORD!! - 🍋BLACK FLASH! - 💥Kyoto and tokyo school!! - 👿NEW CURSES! - 🐰EVENT LV MAX 400! - ⚔️8 NEW SWORD SKINS! - 🗡️1 NEW SWORD! 📝Join the Social Links to Gain Codes/Announcement/Updates ❤️Like the Game for More Codes! 🐦Creators:AmineXZribi


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