💥 Beware the Beast is a sci-fi horror first person shooter inspired by the Darkness series.

📄 The AICC (Anomaly Investigation & Containment Corporation), a mysterious contractor, seems to have a predicament of massive proportions on its hands, and has dispatched its reticent security personnel to clean up the mess. The "Suits" are tasked with eliminating the "Beast" - an ominous and translucent juggernaut whose sole purpose seems to be the violent termination of mankind. There will be blood.

🕵️ Play as a Suit - Coordinate with your team to hunt, exterminate and uncover the mystery behind the Beast.
🩸 Become the Beast - Use powerful abilities, stealth and the element of surprise to eliminate the Suits.

🛠️ Work in Progress - May occasionally be closed for updates and/or maintenance. All content is subject to change.

☁️ Coming Soon - New guns, new maps, Beast skins with new abilities, Suit skins, new pages and more. Reload animations are a work in progress.

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