-Episode Amy & Tails & Knuckles (2 Zones & 1 Bossfight each)
-2 New Silver Story Badges (Meaning of Hope & Shine of an Absolution)
-Christmas Lobby
-3 New Extra Badges

Welcome to Sonic World Chaos!
Dr. Eggman has upgraded Infinite with the power of the Master Emerald, You need to collect the Chaos Emeralds in zones to defeat him.

9 Zones and Boss Fights! 
-There are 4 Stories
Sonic's Story
Shadow's Story
Silver's Story 
Final Story

Game made by Score_Gaming1 (Electro777 on Youtube)
ALL Zones Built by Score_Gaming1 (Electro777 on Youtube)
Credit to hiimcool34 for the Original morphs.

36 Zones In Total (Counting all Stories)


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