Thank you for participating in this early test version of Breezy Bay! 🌊🏝️

There is currently no tutorial and limited game content. Please feel free to run around, explore, gather resources, craft some items and socialise with other players on their islands!

Features that will come in very soon include:
🎪 A building system
🎍 Object placement system to decorate your island
🔥 A third deity (fire!)
🎯 Toys! Objects that you craft and place on your island will have fun physics & gameplay effects, make your island special and then have your friends over to visit
🌋 More impact on your island based on how the deities feel about you
🧗‍♀️ Improved Player movement with a stamina system
🤸 Lots more animations & feedback
🪁 An exhilarating, limited edition hand glider that can be purchased with Robux & kept forever

Keep an eye out for a short feedback survey coming your way soon. We really appreciate you helping us test the game 🎮 thank you so much!

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