The game is currently in a testing phase and there may be bugs, once the update is fully released emerald locations are likely to change, thank you for playing! 
-Save Data may not load properly, reset your character (chose Sonic) to reload it
-Flying is glitched in the Forest and Green Hill, Spindash once before trying to fly 

Robotnik has scattered the Chaos Emeralds! 

Formerly "Sonic Movie Experience" 
-Soap Shoe Sonic
-New Green Hill 
-Bug Fixes 
-New UI's 
-Engine adjustments 
-Chaos Emeralds
 -Tails and Knuckles Badges 
Updates in progress: 
-New characters 
-Other bug fixes 
City from Reference Games 
Snow Mountain by M_caw Public: June 17th, 2021


There are currently no running experiences.