💥 V2 UPDATE SOON: leave a 👍, you might get a car!

🚓 Welcome to Mano County. Here, you can be a Police Officer, a Firefighter, a Café worker, the possibilities are endless! Located in the setting of Metropolitan city, PA. 

Do YOU have what it takes to be POLICE?

⭐ CLAIM your ROLE in-game by joining the group:

👮 Want to ENFORCE the LAW? Become a COP and PROTECT the COUNTY:

- 🎖️ Play as a SWAT team member and conquer the county:
- 🎮 Climb the ranks of your department and eventually lead your own team!
- 🌟 Premium users get a free weapon in-game!

⚠️ This experience may include paid advertisements that are labelled as "Paid Ads" and use assets from @AdvertUploader.

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