Welcome to Sonic.EXE: The Disaster, a game that tries to turn the old Sonic.EXE creepypasta into a survival game, team up with 5 more friends against the blue blur and try to escape his grip to see another day, or play as him and kill everyone on sight.

 Took concepts, soundtracks and inspiration from:
 -Left 4 dead 2 
-Gears of war 2
 -Corpse party
 -Call of duty: Black ops (1 and 2)
 -Dead by daylight
 -The original Sonic.EXE game 

Some soundtracks are used without permission as said composers were quite hard to contact, if you own a soundtrack in-game and you can prove that you are the original owner, please join the community server and contact me there, it will be replaced with something else if needed.

 I do not own any licenses of any of the soundtracks used in the game nor any rights to use Sonic. This is just a fangame made for fun.


There are currently no running experiences.