The sequel of Car Crushers, currently features over 190 unlockable vehicles, 44 different crushers, big driving spaces and much more to come! 

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Update 19c Changelog:
- Fixed recent bugs from the previous update

Update 19 Changelog:
- Added an optimized vehicle interaction mode which will more than HALVE lag from driving vehicles. (Can be disabled in settings)
- Remade and greatly improved the Facility building
- Added 4 new vehicles: Tesla Roadster 2.0, Crane Truck, Ferarri 250 GTO & Honda Civic LX
- Remodeled 6 old bad vehicles (Marked with "New")
- Greatly improved the graphics
- Added varying time of day
- Added button keybind to enter vehicles
- Greatly reduced lag when near other vehicles
- Redesigned the settings page
- Made vehicle damage more realistic and reliable

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