The sequel of Car Crushers, currently features over 180 unlockable vehicles, 44 different crushers, big driving spaces and much more to come! 

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Update 15b changelog:
- Made vehicle spawning much more stable and fast
- Made dealership interaction much faster overall
- Improved collision damage detection

Update 15 changelog:
- All tanks can now move their turrets and shoot
- Tanks spawn with an armour piercing round in derby and can pick up explosive shell powerups for refill
- Added 3 new vehicles: Peel P50, Ferarri Evo & Sunbali K50 RV
- Characters now turn into ragdolls on death
- Added new character damage sound effects
- Tanks now get infinite explosive rounds instead of permanent shredder during juggernaut rounds
- Optimized the explosion effect
- Trilogy Urban, Tesla roadster and Fire engine no longer require VIP

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