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Car crushers 2 is the perfect game when you feel like destroying stuff for fun! Smash your car in 59 different crushers, destroy supercars in Demolition Derby, survive the whole server getting nuked or race with friends. The game features nearly 350 vehicles with content added regularly!

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Update 55 Changelog:
🚒 Added 5 New Vehicles
🚙 Overhauled 3 Cars
🏆 New Mission for 50 MP & Boosters
📱 Compact Vehicle menu on Phone/Tablet
💨 Instant Teleports to crusher control rooms
☀️ Changed to default warm map
🔧 Mobile Auto-Zoom

Genres: Physics Simulation, Driving, Realistic Destruction, Vehicle Simulation, Car Racing, Demolition Derby, Ragdoll Physics


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