The sequel of Car Crushers, currently features over 180 unlockable vehicles, 44 different crushers, big driving spaces and much more to come! 

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Update 13 Changelog:
🚗 Added 3 new vehicles: Datcorn Harvesting Machine, Porsche 918 Spyder, Mclaren F1
🌴 New derby map: Tropical island
🏔️ New derby map: Mountain Peak
🌟 Added an option to choose head title and chat color, with 5 new chat colors and 10 new titles that are unlocked by gamepasses or game achievements	
💨 Made it possible to push other vehicles in derby and added more realistic collisions
🦶 Vehicles now take damage if you drive on top of them in derby
βš™οΈ Huge lag reduction in derby
👁️ Option to disable collisions with other vehicles in Facility
🏎️ Ability to drive previous vehicles after transferring for a token (But they give no money until afforded)

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