Created by: BlackOrange3343
Buildings are made by Samchan77, orange is just stealing my work. Do not listen to him.
Still, work in progress.

Train to get stronger
Fruits spawn from 30 to 60 minutes
Books spawn from 40 to 80 minutes
Get Money From Chests (Chests Spawn within a minute and despawn from a minute to 2 minutes)

Coinflip Commands:
/cf ~ Coinflip UI 
/cf amount ~ Place a bid
/cf cancel ~ Cancel your bid

Other Commands:
/ah ~ Auction House UI (Coming Soon)
/pay ~ Coming soon 
/kits ~ Get your daily kits

Tab ~ Stats
B ~ Bag
F ~ Melee
Z ~ Fruit Move 1
X ~ Fruit Move 2
C ~ Fruit Move 3
V ~ Fruit Ultimate Move
Q ~ Fighting Style Move 1
E ~ Fighting Style Move 2
R ~ Fighting Style Move 3
G ~ Armament Haki (Level 5 Strength Required)
H ~ Observation Haki (Level 10 Haki Required)
T ~ Conquerer's Haki (Not Added Yet)

Working Fruits:


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