Mech🤖! Astronauts👩‍🚀! Laser cannons💥! Giant metal monster statues👾!? Spaceship RVs🛸🚗?? BBQ aliens👽🍗???? Come explore the chaos in Starbots Reborn Beta! Starbots Reborn is an action packed whacky third ###### ####### set in a colorful space RV park. Come play as a tiny mech and jump around in a universe of madness, blast your friends away, and explore the hilarious world that you will fight in. Be sure to like our game and stick around for future updates: New levels🌌! Characters🤺! Game modes🏁! And other silly surprises🤐! Starbots Reborn was a 2021 Summer Accelerator game and is currently in beta, please be patient with any bugs. Coming soon to mobile! Like 👍, Favorite⭐, and Follow 📶 to get notified about all our upcoming updates!


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