A new and unique horror game involving... doors.

❗❗ We recommend entering without any help or guide; use each death as a lesson.

🔥 MODIFIERS unlock after obtaining 'Rock Bottom'. More content coming soon; check socials for info!

⚠️ Epilepsy, loud sounds, flashing lights ahead!
🎧 Headphones recommended
📷 Max graphics recommended

❤️ Join the LSPLASH group for a free Revive!
⭐ Buy (and wear) our UGC for some Knobs and a Revive!

🎵 All music is non-copyright, can find on Spotify 'LSPLASH'

🛠️ Work in progress. Many things are subject to change, and some things may break.

Lightning_Splash: Programming, Game/UI/Graphics/Audio Design, Music Producer, Writer

RediblesQW: Builder, Modeler, Environment Artist, Game Design, Writer

Ghostly_Wowzers: Extra Graphics Design

jasper_creations: Extra Animations

Inspired by nicorocks5555's Rooms and Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion


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