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🎈 you've been here before...

🎈 "recollection" is an extensive exploration and hangout game designed to reach far into your deepest nostalgic memories.

🎈 join the group for 100 bonus memories

🎈 are you brave? try out spooky mode (settings icon > spooky mode)

. . .

VR compatible!

Spatial Voice enabled!

This is NOT a horror game!

5+ graphics recommended, this game can be demanding

please be sure to join our communications below for updates, events, suggestions, friends, art, and more!

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developers: rxne, artificialsugarr, Ryanduck, LoveliestJacob

update log:

. . .

TAGS: dreamcore weirdcore dream liminal liminal space spaces backrooms glitchcore nostalgia nostalgic kidcore art artists community lgbtq furry lgbt showcase show case hangout hang out chill vibe VR Virtual Reality world roleplay role play voice vc chat enabled spatial spacial

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