After some work and testing, this game is in the same boat as Christmas Rush Classic.

Due to lack of filtering, the game is acceptable to exploiters and hackers. This vulnerability is a security risk to the game and I do not want to manage a game like that. I will be spending more time trying to prevent hackers and exploiters than it's worth, so this game will not open this year. Adding on to this, ROBLOX prevents >13 users from actually viewing games without filtering, so a large portion of the audience won't be able to play it anyways.

That being said, I hope to remake the game next year. I wasn't able to do anything this year due to time constraints with my personal life, but I hope I will be more open next year. I plan to keep the gameplay similar to before, but bring the coding and building up to modern times. Along with that, I hope I will also have the opportunity to add more content to make the game more enjoyable.

Sorry and I hope you can understand.

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