Hey there, and welcome to Soaring's Difficulty Chart Obby 2! This is the sequel to Soaring's Difficulty Chart Obby.

Please report any bugs that you find in the group wall!

🎄 Winter Update
- 40 New Stages!
-Complete them all to unlock the Jolly Dominus

😮 Coming Soon
- Races 
- Halos (Boosts)

The current difficulties we have are Effortless, Easy, Medium, Hard, Difficult, Challenging, Intense, Sweat, Death, and Impossible. Since this is a difficulty chart obby, the stages get harder as you progress. There are hundreds of stages to complete!

Thank you for playing! Make sure to drop a like and favorite the game if you enjoyed it! Please be honest with your ratings, as we have put a lot of time and effort into this game. Do not bring down our ratio with a dislike if you rage quit.

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