Welcome to RESURGENCED Roleplay
Explore a Huge Map in the Arctic Location where Scientist Create Creatures Known as Goopies to help cure World Hunger, however Blackspace Known as Blackwatch are here to Raid Facili-taste!

What will you do? You Create your own Story!

Equip yourself with many Roleplay Equipment and even Weapons!
Find Exclusive Areas linked to the Badges to earn Exclusive Roleplay Equipment!

Merry Christmas. have a safe Holiday everyone. enjoy the update!

Game Developers and Contributor Credits can be found in the Group page or ingame!

Take Note that Squibble from Altered - Roblox

(This Game has VR Support. feel free to try it out
Be warned as it isnt stabled tho!)

RESURGENCED Fan Made Game. Thanks FoxxoTrystan allowing us to do this Project!
We are also Under FoxxoTrystan Special License so no RESURGENCED Related Gamepass will be sold

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