Roblox updates were not kind to this game at all. Morphs are so messed up to the point where they're unusable.

I haven't updated this game since 2017 but I plan to polish it up a little bit and release it publicly, instead of it being friends-only. Probably won't "update" it other than occasional maintenance.

Kingdom Cats is a RPG based off a series I have in my head but haven't finished writing. Two Kingdoms - the Sky Kingdom and Earth Kingdom - are made up of winged cats, and are organized in a way similar to medieval Kingdoms.

Things to do: 
-Revamp playerlist 
-Finish adding furniture and stuff to kingdoms 
-Fix custom sounds
-Fix everything that roblox updates broke (morphs, paint, shift to sprint, ""copyrighted"" music, etc)
-Fix loading screen replaying on character reset
-Spawn in lobby on reset instead of kingdom
-Fix that sign that's too far from the wall

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