⚠ The game has been discontinued until further notice.
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This game requires a keyboard and mouse to play.
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Welcome to Arcane Legacy, an unofficial remake of Arcane Adventures originally created by vetexgames and co-created by techlevel80.
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Watch as a massive story of magic, gods, old rivals, and revenge unravels right before your eyes.

Set in a world ravaged by dark magic, the player must help an old warrior called Theos seek revenge on the most powerful dark wizard ever known. 

Fight alongside your friends, make a clan, sail the seas and explore, gather powerful weapons and armor, and have fun!
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⚠  The game is in very Early Access so expect it to be buggy. If you want a bug fixed or patched faster you should report it to the game server down below. ⚠
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🔧 Shutdown = Hotfix/Update 🔧

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