🖥️ Welcome to Custom PC Tycoon, buy the PC parts required to build your own PC. You can make your own desks by unlocking new currencies and purchasing desk items like keyboards, headphones, and more! Make colorful server systems and show off to everyone else, keep up with the grind and we hope to see you building PCs! 

⭐ Build your own PC and sell it, then buy better PC parts to create the most powerful PC in the game! ⭐ 

[✨] Latest Update Change-log
+ 🔥 18 New Exclusive Easter Parts! (Server & PC Set)
+ 🥚 Egg Area/World!
+ 🐰 Easter Event!
+ 🤩 3 New Titles! (1 Exclusive)
+ ⭐ New Code!
+ 🐛 Small Bug fixes!

👑 Codes 👑 Join the communications server for all the codes available! | .gg/fallenworlds

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