✨NEW✨ Tower Escape [ALPHA]

❓ What's new ❓(version 0.3)
🌟                  NEW GAME NAME                🌟
🔼                    Extended Tower                    🔼
📈                       New Levels                        📈
✨ Updated Graphics (set graphics to max) ✨

This Obby is now on ALPHA, there might have bugs inside

Don't forget to leave a like!

VIP Owners gets VIP COMMANDS if they purchase Private Servers

This Obby is already tested and ITS POSSIBLE to Win 

Feel free to message me on ROBLOX for Bug Reports, Opinions, and Ideas!

More levels Coming soon

This game is inspired by TOH and Obby Creator because they make me more creative

✨NEW✨ Tower Escape [ALPHA]


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