"Lay rest to your memory, it all returns to the nadir of time."


Vaporwave Plaza will not cater to the tastes of everyone.

Vaporwave Plaza is an independent project based on the most niche and obscure styles of the aesthetic microgenre. Prototypes and concepts first started back in 2015 until this project was officially launched in early 2017, and it has been ongoing ever since.

As you progress, you may notice changes in style and atmosphere.
The further you dive into the plaza, the more confusing your surroundings will become. It won't be long before you find yourself at a point of no return.

VP is best experienced with a PC, shaders (ex. RoShade) and quality headphones.

Be sure to also check the store tab for goods to bring with you on your descent into vaporwave hell.



There are currently no running experiences.