Facility Roleplay codes will be released on New Generation, 20k Likes for Next. 👍

Facility Roleplay is a Roleplay game that places you as a member of the Corporate Facility apart of a Biological Research Company named Centum Laboratories, where the world has been devastated by the horrors of a deadly disease, and its up to us to prevent any further damage and save humanity!

Its up to you to ensure that the new UFNC Government and her people stay safe, as there are enemies everywhere. big and small. 

👥 Play as Facility Faculty and maintain order as Centum Security or Biohazard Containment Unit, or expose the Facility for their true colors as a Research Subject or Osiris Collective!

⚠️ This game is currently in Open Beta, and is everything in game is subject to change. ⚠️

Premium Users get Extra XP & Cash!


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