⭐Welcome to Frights From The Past, shortened to FFTP, which is a Roblox FNAF roleplay based off of the popular Five Nights at Freddy's franchise made by Scott Cawthon.⭐

❗WARNING❗ This device may not run well on lower end devices!

⭐Press E to access emotes!⭐
⭐Go to the morphs area to become someone!⭐
⭐Reset to become a new character!⭐

Please note the game is still in development, therefor this early access will only contain characters and map locations from:
-FNAF: Silver Eyes
-FNAF: The Twisted Ones
-FNAF: Into The Pit
-FNAF: Fetch

👷Toulipp - Owner

👷ImFeelingNotOkay - Thumbnail Renderist
👷MrFazCo - Morph System

👷E. Breddy

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