Xbox support and a real ending for phase one has been released
monster nerfed

--This Game contains jump scares and flashing lights, Please do not play if you are at risk--

Is lag an issue? please let me know if it is

You end up in a mysterious place. What do you do? You don't remember being in a forest. All your memories are actually distant from reality. What do you do when a mysterious entity follows you down the road. Something is watching you. Run RUN RUN

Developers: Cactushasdied, JustYourKarma

When being chased hide behind objects

WASD - controls
LClick - collect keys
LClick- open doors
Run into doors with key to unlock them

Tags: The Forest - Forest - Horror - horror game - scary - jumpscares - flashlight - spooky - escape - horror - The forest - Forest - Forest - thankyou - spooky - monster - horror - fear - Forest


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