Welcome to Off-Roading epic!

📝NOTE: All vehicle models added before 10/1/22 will be re-modeled/removed in the future.

🚗Drive, customize, race and roleplay with over 100 of the biggest, smallest, weirdest, coolest and most unique vehicles on Roblox!

🛫Fly airplanes and get a birds-eye view of the realistic towns, roads, highways, mountains, trees and trails!

🚛Drive your very own big rig, road-train, overland train, and so much more with one of over 27 different oversized, tanker, logging, flat, cattle, shipping container, box, telescopic and dump truck trailers with over 50 unique versions!

🏠Roleplay in realistic and detailed buildings!

⛄Grab your favorite snow cruiser and start your journey to the arctic circle!

🔎Found a bug, have an update suggestion or just want the free UFO? Join the off-roading epic community!

📜Programmer: @Stinch_Comb
🔨Builder and 3D modeler: @EPlK7


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