Karate is a first-react multiplayer combat orientated game, fight your friends and participate in a competitive ranked league, unlock rewards and different styles, to making your way up from a white belt to an experienced mastered black belt.

Every weekend has an automatic double EXP event.
4:00 PM Friday - 4:00 PM Sunday (PST)
12:00 AM Saturday - 12:00 AM Monday (GMT)
7:00 PM Friday - 7:00 PM Sunday (EST)

Karate is proudly supported on all hand held devices! 

kyasuji - Programming
Nikoverc - Exterior Terrain & Contributions
Musketfall - Interior Dojo

Karate Miyagi Do Cobra Kai Eagle Fang Topanga Dojo Martial Arts Tournament Training Fighting Combat Sparring Muay Thai Taekwondo


There are currently no running experiences.