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As 2 has been totally destroyed, its back to the start with a fresher look and new gauge. The railway now known as "Sumerset Northern Railway" begins in the town of Sumerset and runs to Geppville (was hill billy hills). The world has been vary much improved in looks and detail, while the locomotives and stock are more stable, however a few do still have some bugs being repaired.
----->This game is still in redevelopment!!!<--------
Old locomotives will continue to return, #2 will someday corporate with me, and #5.. i hope will unhook from stuff soon...
2.5 is released unfinished because it is more playable then the old game, more cars will be added as time go's on, until then, enjoy what there is now, and keep a eye out for updates!
Thank you to all who continued to support Narrow Gauge Hills in its lowest point, i vary much hope you all enjoy watching it rise from the dead.

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