Travel the worlds to find the Evil Dark Wizard who has cursed the innocent pets of Pet Swarmia! Defeat enemies, feed and hatch their eggs into awesome new rare pets, and become POWERFUL!

🥚 FIGHT ENEMIES to unlock eggs! 
🌳 PLANT EGGS in your nest!  
🍎 COLLECT FOOD to feed your eggs! 
🐣 HATCH EGGS to get awesome and stronger pets! 
💎 EXPLORE THE MAP for stronger enemies and better eggs! 
🔃 TRADE with other players!

🔥NEW Pet Index which you can use to collect really cool rewards!

β˜€οΈ We have finally released our summer event! Enjoy the summer pets and summer vibes while they last.
Lots of new pets, secrets and cool things hidden throughout the new zone! 

📌 Follow the developers + social links below for codes & updates!
@7illuzive     @ManPiddy     @YactiDesign

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