We have officially released our alpha! Check our newest Version 3 cafe that is still in development for 750 Robux!

Welcome to Version 3! This land consists of deep forests, bogs, and lots of different plants, it is all to give you that mysterious, unknown, beautiful, yet tropical vibe. A brand new start to our adventure, explore the beautiful caves, the massive forests, and the gorgeous viewpoints from the island! This version will be more relaxing, and enjoyable than our previous version, making you have the free ability to explore everything on the island.

There's also some sweet perks you can get after purchasing our access, check it out in our communications server!

⛏️ | Building | Hirustry (heychelze)
📜 | Scripting | DaffyDavinko, stolenhabits, harvest109
🖼️ | UI | FizzyColas
🏃 | Animating | Auranie
🤖 | Bot Developing | stolenhabits
🎨 | GFX's | coId-reign


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