"Isn't war a terrible thing?"

Game is now available for all platforms! It's available for PC, Xbox / Console, and Mobile!

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A round-based massive PVP war game between Marleyans and Eldians. You can titan shift, fight other players, and much more. Various different game modes and maps. Up to 2 titan shifters per team, winner takes all. Level up to unlock new titans, perks, heroes and much more. Features a PVE game mode where you battle with hordes of pure titans such as abnormal titans and crawlers.

Robuyasu - Project Director/ Owner, Programmer, Game Designer, UI Designer, Animator
X_rnas - Lead Builder, 3D Modeler, Artist, Animator
Orebloxx - UI Designer, Thumbnail Artist, Community Manager
scrong_mCduk - Community Manager
Everyone who's tested the game


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