Fort Navajo operates somewhere deep in the Appalachians, somewhere in Virginia. Here they're trained to take on any task given to them. Here we enforce strictness, discipline and respect among members and to the High Command-Officers.

Base Rules:
  -  Only Allied High Ranking Officials may Spectate. Other allied members must either participate or leave.
  -  Guests are permitted at this Training Facility but follow our rules.
  -  Do not step on Grass once pass doors or Hell jumps for everyone.
-  Maturity and grammar are to be used at all times when here.
-  Uniform, clean hair and cap must be worn at ALL times. Outside hats are banned.
-  When 'TERMS' are activated. You may not speak freely, you may only reply to questions given by the trainers or High Command with 'YES/NO [RANK] in full caps and a "!" at the end.

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