Hex Empires is a real time strategy game. Your role is to lead a nation, expand your empire, and forge alliances. You must strengthen your army or risk being attacked. You can also research technologies, starting with basic things like sailing and archery, and advancing all the way to things like robotics and nanotechnology. Developing technology can give you an advantage. You can invest resources in your military, science, and industry, but you must choose carefully to win. Please put any suggestions or comments on the group wall. If you find any bugs or errors you can submit a bug report in-game by clicking the button at the bottom-left corner of the screen. We are listening to all of your suggestions, so keep them coming! Keep in mind, Hex Empires is still in it’s very early stages, so expect some bugs and keep a look out for updates! Shutdown = Updates
Scripted by Elocore and mutex_lock
Built By iColorDev and gdunn2


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