🚀Mafia in space with unique roles every round

How to play:
📢 Be a crewmate and expose the imposters!
😈 Be an imposter and sabotage the crew!
⚖️ Be a neutral and pursue your own interest!
🎉 Each round crewmates, imposters and neutrals get unique roles with special abilities!

📢 Join the Group for a CODE, Updates & Suggest your roles!
👍 Thumb up, Favorite and Follow the game so ROBLOX algorithm recommend the game to others!

❤️ TikTok: impostersroles (Code for sub!🎁)

⭐️Current number of game roles ⭐️
Crewmates - 19 roles
Imposters - 14 roles
Neutrals - 8 roles

💎 Premium Users: x2 cash in the AFK world!

Next code at 21k thumbs up!

🎨Arts by MrGiftHimself

Tags: Among Us Imposters and Roles Crewmates Impostor Mafia Horror Roles


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