Foam FPS is a foam flinging first person shooter where you tag your friends and foes in an ultimate foam flinging experience! You'll be able to customize between 40+ different guns and play on multiple maps and game modes!

Version 6? (v6.0) 8/2/2021 changelog: 
- Fixed bullet disapearing and domination point glitches
- Fixed and balanced hit detection/gun stats, fixed Xbox servers too.
- Entirely new projectile system, new bullet physics and effects, along with security upgrades. Dart velocity is slower but the drop off comes later, it's going to take time to get used to the new physics.
- New first player tutorial!
- Gun unlock notifications!
- New votekicking and score GUI!
- Premium users now get a permanent 1.5x XP and Cash boost!
- More micro-transaction options, previous ones are now cheaper!
- Reload sounds are now global
- Zombie health and speed is increased
- Gun Game and HVZ are queued a lot less often in the voting UI 

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