✨ Play Domination, team matches or free for all, alter the levels with skillshots, level up your blasters and character in awesome settings.

⭐ Acquire new Blasters, Abilities, Scopes, Masks, Vests, and Skins!

⭐ New code at 75 000 likes!

⚜️ New Code: blast50k
⭐ New code: blast30k
⭐ New code: blast20k
⭐ New code: 15k1m
⭐ New code: blast10k

⭐ Update July 13 ⭐
🏳️ New game mode ”Domination”
🔫 We have added 3 new Ultra blasters!
✨ We have added 3 new Skin crates focused on the Ultra line blasters!
🐌 New Ability  “Slow Device” 
🛡️  We have implemented more player spawn protection. 
✨ We have added 1 new Mask and Vest.
🏅 We added new Badges.
⭐ Max level is now 50!
🐛 You can now get Bits for all the Ultra blasters!

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