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Era of Althea welcomes players who favor adventure and exploration. This game dives into a world where every person has the potential to become a great fighter. From achieving magic feats to battling dungeon dwelling foes, this world offers many trials of perseverance. Though the adventures may prove to be somewhat difficult, overcoming them will prove to be extremely fulfilling.

Dwellers of this Realm may progress by exploring the land and it's secrets. Obtain items to better yourself in battle. Band together to form Guilds. There are many possibilities as to how you may endure these trials found within the realm of Althea..

Developed By: AwokenTy (Scripting, Building, Animations,GUI)
EternalProwessKun (Animations, Building)

Contributions from: Overlance (Weapon Modeling), HoodCurator (Buildings), RitoSeikatsu (Faces,Logo), AbstractAlex(Soundtrack)

Special thanks to AlteredHash, Vryomancer, TheOfficialSenpai, Ramensantu, TThonk, o0Rogue0o, and Kizutos


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