💥Naruto Fighting Arena💥

⁃ All justu reviewed 🔥
⁃ Added new map for Battle Mode🔥
⁃ Added Capture the flag🔥
⁃ updates some UI🔥
⁃ Added back Roleplay 🔥

Welcome to NFA , A.K.A Naruto Fighting Arena.Join this Experience to choose from
a number of modes to play with your friends ⚔️ , battle them in 1v1 or see if your the strongest ninja in last man standing or an all out PVP and much more for you to decide 🥊, Choose your favourite Shinobi from The Anime Naruto and play as them and use their jutsu to defeat other players in the game⚡️. And if you don’t want to fight and just want to play then Roleplay mode is the best choice for you! I hope you’ve clicked the play button!!🔥

Thanks so much for 12.6M+ Visits keep sharing and playing!

Naruto , Sasuke , Sakura , Rasengan , Shinobi , Ninja , Chidori , Akatsukii


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