DECEMBER 2021 KAT: Styx & Stones Update

+ 3 New Knives 🗡️
+ 2 New Body Perks 🎃
+ Festive Gifts have been given out. All users who have recently played above level 30+ will recieve a Small Festive Gift. ⚔️
+ The Featured section is back, along the Rapid-Fire revolver until January 4th
+ Gifts available from Featured, limited to 3 per account. 🎁
+ Heads will be collected..

- New Content can only be obtained from Festive Gifts at the moment
- Significant Nerfs to the Laser Knife Power ☠
- Damage amounts are now visible, you can disable this feature in KAT settings. ⚔️
- Crafting has been temporarily disabled, along with trading, for an indeterminate period. 🛠
- Elimination has been removed.

Disclaimer: this isn't the full update, but a significantly scaled down portion of content being worked on. 
I'm sorry for lack of older patches, polish, and slue of new bugs that may arise from this build. I will be working my hardest to address these.

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