Update 04/03/0222 New look mobile controls, 5 new caracters, secret base - characters - shop and level select added

Update 11/02/2022 controller bugfix, new look amy + special move for Amy and SantaHog

Update 31/01/2022 Added in new special moves for the characters and an awesome new lobby to hang out in.

Achieve super speeds and boost your way through a fantastic adventure starring sonic the hedgehog and friends.
Explore amazing zones, from the lush fields of green hill to the dark ruins of marble zone, pumpkin hill and ice cap.
Defeat badniks and stop Dr.Eggman or just RP with your friends!

(You can change your controls in the main menu options screen)
A = Left
D = Right
W = Look Up
S = Duck/Roll
Space = Jump
Ctrl = Boost
Hold S and Tap Space To Spindash.

Boost will increase your acceleration but drain rings.

Try to get the fastest time!

Under construction please report all bugs you encounter



There are currently no running experiences.