Welcome to Infamy

     The objective of the game is to cause chaos, earn cash, and level up. If you become wanted by the law, prepare to fight or flee! Eliminate police AI for cash, experience points, and powerful weapons in this law enforcement themed fighting game.

 ✅ Private servers are free!
 ✅ Roblox premium members earn 50% more XP!
 ✅ Spend cash at the Gun Store for permanent weapons.
 ✅ Spawn and lead your own group of Criminal AI followers with the Cellphone Tool.
 ✅ Customize your AI followers at the Criminal AI Store!
 ⚠️ You can only play as a criminal in this game.

     Your level, wanted level, and any guns you purchase are saved. Spend skill points in [Open Perks Menu].

PC controls: P surrender, F interact, T flashlight, G grenade, C crouch, Q+E to lean, V melee attack, Ctrl/Shift sprint

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