Welcome to Chicken Life, a unique roleplaying adventure where you live as a chicken in a vibrant town!

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🏡 Build and customize your chicken coop, a cozy home in our bustling community.
🌾 Explore the town, gather resources, and craft items for survival and fun.
🐣 Experience the joy of hatching and raising unique chicks, watching them grow and thrive.
👥 Interact with other players, form alliances, and engage in exciting role play scenarios.
🔄 Regular updates with new content and features to enhance your RP experience!

🎉 Celebrate 75m visits with a special code '75MVISITS' for a free OG Chicken outfit!
👑 Become a Very Important Chicken with all new subscription rewards and get exclusive daily rewards and bonuses!
🎁 Get a FREE gift in the Shop every 4 hours!

Genres: Roleplay, Town & City, Farming Simulator, Building

You can only have 5 Chicks active at once. Stash the rest in your coop!


There are currently no running experiences.