⚡ Welcome to Super Speed Simulator!

📋 Tutorial 📋
⚡ Tap to gain Energy and become the fastest player in the universe!
🐶 Collect pets to gain more energy!
🗺️ Rebirth to unlock new worlds, new eggs and much more!
🏁 Take part in races and compete with your friends!
🥇 Rank up and become the best player of all time! 

🚨 Update 🚨
🎁 Added Daily, Group & VIP Chest
⚙️ Many Bug Fixes
✨ New Code: NEWYEARSEVE2021

Leave a Like 👍 and Favorite ⭐ to support us!
Join the Roblox Group 👥 for a x1.25 Energy Boost + Nametag:

✨ Codes ✨
👍 New Code at 10,000 likes!
🌈 Use Code "TOFUU" for a free Tofuu pet!
🎁 Use Code "IMPOSTER" for a free Imposter pet!

🗺️ Credits 🗺️ 
Programming & Building - EntryRoot
Animations - JrEntry
Pets & Additional Models - Interbyte Studios, LuaBearyGood, Cyberify1, IceyDevv, ayziloz, Croatian4K
Thumbnail - glenticovuh

Game inspired by Speed Run Simulator.


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