Hello all,
This game is officially discontinued.
I will produce one last update for the game, however it will be NOTHING major--only some new features and areas. I have NO estimation for when this update will release so don't expect it anytime soon.

The reasons for this game's discontinuation are as listed:
-Cat's personal controversies, both past and present.
-Cat not compensating OMORI developers fairly.
-My personal decline in interest of OMORI, both its community and as a game.

The truth is that OMORI Sandbox was never meant to be a full game from the start. It started off as a small 3D showcase game. As it grew to be popular, I continued support because I thought I owed the community something. In reality, working on this game was never *fun* for me--and I make games for fun! And as the community grew, the more distant I became. I didn't feel connected and, honestly, I wasn't sure if I wanted to be.

I hope you can respect my decision.

Thank you for playing,


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