[Some dumb Roblox update broke the game, so I've disabled this demo place. The full game will be ready for play in under a month, so sit tight! Join the group if you want to stay updated on the progress.]

Disclaimer: This is a demo build, meaning that things may be incomplete or not working properly just yet. No laps are counted, races do not have an end, and the game may stress your computer more than it should. All of these problems will be fixed before release.

Controls are:
WASD to drive. i to drift. o to switch items. p to look behind. Spacebar and LeftShift to use items.

If you are on controller, the controls are:
Left Stick to drive. Left trigger to use items. Left bumper to switch items. Right trigger to drift. A to accelerate, B to deccelerate, X to look behind.

Mobile support is coming soon!


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