F - Melee
Q - Aim
Shift/E - Sprint
2 years worth of updates releasing soon (been sick)
Published September 3rd, 2013
big update I: October 2014 big update II: June 2015 big update III: soon summer 2018

Help each other in the zcon fields, let that be a new goal today. It is a whole new game that way. try this, talk to each other, shoot the zombie about to attack your teammate

if you want direct news, see the group shout and wall

[2.9.1] FilterString system implemented!

[2.8.7] FilteringEnabled! Check out what's new in Update 2.8.7 in the changelog! 
[ REQUIREMENTS ] - Pentium CPU - 4GB RAM - 100ms ping 

Everyone in server must have requirements or game may lag. Based on player experience. 


There are currently no running experiences.