☠️ S-20: Apocalypse! All new prizes to win. Buy a Season Pass even more XP & Prizes.
🔥 New XRK Japanese sports car!
💥 Vehicle Health revamp with health based on vehicle size!
🌊 New Player Oxygen for swimming. Don't stay under too long! 
☁️ New mountains! With twisty mountain road and more!
Use code Spring24 at any in-game-ATM for 10k cash instantly :] Limited time only.

🏆 Jailbreak is a 12 time award winning game where you can orchestrate a robbery or catch criminals! Team up with friends for even more fun and plan the ultimate raid or heist. What role will you play? 

We ban cheaters. Don't cheat! 

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🖥 Programmed by Badcc. 
🎨 Built by asimo3089.


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